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Links for Writers

Just the beginning. More links to come...


Copyeditors' Knowledge Base

First 7 links atop http://www.kokedit.com/library.shtml  

Styles for Specific Journals

A collection of style sheets, tutorials and information for submission of manuscripts from the American Psychological Association to the World Health Organization.

Acronym Finder

Find out what any acronym, abbreviation or initials stand for

Subject searches – before you Google

Some libraries have very comprehensive, easy-to-navigate links: 
University of Washington

Art and Artists
More than 375,000 names and biographical and bibliographic information about artists and architects from the Getty Museum.

The Law On Line

No need for expensive proprietary search platforms. One-stop legal research:
"Locating the Law" (Southern California Association of Law Libraries)

On-line journals you may have missed

The Economist’s quarterly online magazine, More Intelligent Life – finely written, thoughtful pieces about lifestyle and culture.

Shameless promotion of indexing

BNA study pits on-line searching against using traditional indexes. Guess which wins?

Every non-fiction book needs an index. Here's why.

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