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Fees and Scheduling

Fees are negotiable, generally between $2 and $7 per indexable page, and are based on a number of factors. Some of these factors are:
  • Type of book (scholarly, technical, trade)
  • Audience (general public, young adult, researcher, professional)
  • Density and complexity of the material (footnotes, endnotes, tables and illustrations)
  • Number of indexes required (names, table of cases, table of statutes)
  • Foreign language text and terms requiring diacritics
  • Page size and density
  • Length and space requirements (shorter is not necessarily easier)
  • Turnaround time (more than 200 pages per week may require a higher rate).
  • Multi-part locators (page references including volume and page numbers or page and section numbers)
I can provide a firm quote on examination of a representative sample of text, preferably a chapter from the middle of the book. A style sheet, if available, also will be helpful.

Accurate pagination is required to produce an accurate index. I will need to work with a PDF of the text in final proof stage, after page numbers have been assigned. Any alterations to the flow of text on the page will invalidate the page references, and parts of the index will have to be redone. In that case, additional hourly charges may apply.

Minor edits and some stylistic changes are not a problem. I will provide up to two hours at no charge for editing or formatting corrections.

Please contact me as soon as you know you’ll need an index. With enough advance notice, I can arrange my schedule to accommodate your project. The more time I have to spend on your index, the finer the product will be. Inquiries for rush projects are welcome.

I will be pleased to discuss your project, provide a quote, and answer any questions you have. My aim is to provide you with superior service and an excellent index! 

I look forward to working with you.
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